Stranger Things 4’s first volume left fans wanting more while still leaving plenty of unanswered questions. The Netflix hit saw many trials and tribulations for the heroes of Hawkins, but ultimately, they came together as a team. The first images of the season’s finale have now been released, and viewers are already pouring over them for clues.

Nancy is featured in the pictures with her friends, so it looks like she will escape Vecna’s lair in the Upside Down. A group photo shows the protagonists working together to lay out a plan to stop the impending evil. Another shows Eddie smirking as Steve and Robin look on in disgusted confusion.

Max is still wearing the headphones which have, thus far, protected her from Vecna. She is pictured with Lucas next to a bug zapper in what appears to be the Creel house. Both have very nervous facial expressions.

Hopper, Joyce, Murray, and Enzo still look to be trapped in a Russian prison. With the Demogorgon running loose, there should be some high-tension scenes. It will be interesting to see how their story intertwines with everything going on in Indiana.

The group from California is still on the road. Argyle’s pizza truck can be seen cruising through the desert as they continue their search for Eleven. The look on Mike’s face indicates that they may have found something.

Eleven is still in the underground bunker with Brenner. As she learns the truth and tries to rekindle her powers, it appears she is just about ready to rejoin her pals. The latest first look from Netflix offers a lot of enticing reasons to watch Volume 2. Stranger Things fans likely did not need any additional motivation.

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Michael Perry

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