Kim Kardashian is well-known for her controversies. Kim is a billionaire, but it appears that she prefers to spend her money on herself. It was recently reported that she paid a measly $45K to the surrogate who delivered her children.

Kim Kardashian, who is used to getting a lot of attention, received even more in 2019. She had her fourth kid with her ex-husband Kanye West at the time. It was the couple’s second use of a surrogate.

Kim stated in an episode of her reality show before the birth of their third child that she and her husband planned to use a surrogate since carrying another kid would be a health concern for her. Having said that, the previous surrogacy cost $100,000 i.e., $45,000 to the surrogate and $70,000 to the agency.

The typical surrogacy fee ranges from $98,000 to $140,000, according to a surrogacy agency. The medication itself can cost up to $50,000, and in some cases considerably more. Couples interested in hiring a surrogate typically contact an agency, provide the necessary information, and can choose between two options: “traditional surrogacy” or “gestational surrogacy.”

Kim and Kanye decided to go forward with gestational surrogacy and revealed it during her show. When it comes to expanding their families, many celebrities hire surrogates. Kim Kardashian’s contract states that she pays the surrogate to carry her child and strictly prohibits them from drinking, using hot tubs, eating raw fish or cat litter, or consuming too much caffeine per day.

Kim was chastised by many people for paying the surrogate such little money.

“If i was Kim Kardashian’s surrogate i would have told the government and YALL that i got way less than $45k.”

“Kim Kardashian is paying her surrogate $45,000.00 and an additional $5,000.00 if she has twins. Looks like she’s sweatshoping her surrogate.”

“I just found out Kim Kardashian paid her surrogate 45,000 to have her baby. S*it i would of carried the baby for 9 months, all you have to do is curse people out & blame your mood on the pregnancy right?”

“45k is nothing, compared to what she could’ve given.. lol.”

“who do you think keeps this business running if not rich, entitled celebrities? lmao multimillionaire kim kardashian paid her surrogate a measly $45,000. does that sound fair to you?”

Everyone agrees that the pay is insufficient for a surrogate who bears a kid for 9 months. Let’s wait and see what Kim says. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Thirsty.

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