Jennifer Aniston is one of the biggest celebrities ever. She had an exciting 2021, with the premiere of a long-awaited Friends reunion, the return of her hit series The Morning Show, and the launch of her haircare brand called LolaVie. Jen is most recently being dragged over shady comments about influencers.

Aniston’s remarks about people “diluting” actors’ jobs by gaining fame through social media have triggered a barrage of backlash on Twitter. Friends star Jennifer Aniston recently spoke with Sebastian Stan for Variety’s “Actors on Actors” series. They discussed her role in newsroom drama The Morning Show and his role as rocker Tommy Lee in Pam & Tommy.

The actors discussed Pam & Tommy’s coverage of Mötley Crüe drummer Lee’s sex video scandal with his then-wife Pamela Anderson during their conversation. It happened, according to Aniston, just as the internet was beginning to establish a new culture of people becoming famous. This phenomenon of people being famous without doing nothing at all like Paris Hilton, Monica Lewinsky.

You’re famous from TikTok. You’re famous from YouTube. You’re famous from Instagram. It’s sort of almost like it’s diluting our actor’s job.

Aniston’s remarks on the subject were quickly posted on Twitter, igniting a heated debate between critics and supporters of the actress’s point of view. Others pointed out that Aniston is the daughter of John Aniston, the renowned daytime soap performer best known for his long-running role on Days of Our Lives.

One person tweeted: “I love Jen but I don’t get this mindset at all. You spent the 90s marketing yourself at parties and auditioning for roles. They spent their time posting videos or selfies and marketed themselves on social media. It’s the same thing just this is providing more ways to get a step [in] the industry. It may suck seeing some who may not have the same credibility as you land gigs you wanted but that doesn’t mean they aren’t as talented or hard working or whatever else as you. I agree acting isn’t for everyone with a pretty face and millions of followers BUT [that] doesn’t mean some don’t deserve a chance to try. […] It doesn’t matter where someone gets their start. It matters if they have the drive and [the] dedication to fulfill those paths they have taken. Also it really f****** irks me she’s shading people who landed gigs on streaming services. Like sis, a gig is a gig. Those actors are just as talented so why are you shading them?????”

Another commented: “Nepotism is just not […] the norm anymore. A lot of people who came up during her time had a relative in the industry. Their parents were wealthy, or they hung out with the children of celebrities. That’s how she got her foot in the door. Her dad was an actor.

A third user chimed in: “I def see her point, I just don’t think nepotism kids should have much room to talk on what regular people do to get in the industry. Her dad might’ve not been an A-lister but at least she got an agent way faster than someone dreaming about it from their room in a tiny town.”

Among the outpouring of vitriol, a handful of Twitter users defended the Marley & Me actress, insisting that her statement was not fundamentally incorrect. While it may be painful to watch Hollywood’s historic grip on the entertainment business relax a little, it should be considered as progress, according to another commentator on Aniston’s remarks. Check out the tweets below.

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