Jake Paul recently dipped his toes into politics. The mega-influencer laid out five things that he was blaming directly on President Joe Biden. Jake was quickly and roundly mocked for his complete lack of understanding.

Paul blamed just about everything on Biden. From gas prices to inflation and high rent, the multi-millionaire YouTube star and part-time boxer pointed the finger over problems that he never himself has to deal with. The one that got social media buzzing was when he blamed Biden for falling cryptocurrency prices.

Cryptocurrency is not regulated by the government. That is the reason it was invented and the reason it exists. Several notable commentators, including Keith Olberman, blasted Jake Paul for his ignorance on the subject.

“Crypto prices, Sonny? It really is quite a feat: you’re dumber than you look.”

“If Trump had been elected instead of Biden the only thing different below would be, I’ll grant you, slightly lower gas prices (bc he wouldn’t have sanctioned Russia as much). But that’s it. The rest is NOT caused by Biden.”

“Sorry your pretend money didn’t work out.”

Major influencers like Jake Paul and Elon Musk have been able to make huge money by simply mentioning different cryptocurrencies. Many investors who trust their favorite online gurus then dump money in, pumping up the price. While the rich get richer, fans are often left holding an empty bag.

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Michael Perry

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