Christina Aguilera has a voice worth billions and it’s evident in the numerous hits she’s provided us. Earlier this year, she presented herself at the Billboard’s Women in Music Awards show in a racy dress. Christina Aguilera recently stole the show at LA Pride by performing while wearing a strap-on.

During her recent LA Pride concert, Christina Aguilera let her genie out of the bottle. While singing her best hits, the “I Turn to You” singer donned a number of stunning outfits. However, the one that stole the show was a strap-on.

For a duet with LGBTQIA+ icon Kim Petras, Aguilera and her green bejeweled penis-testicles combination took the stage by storm. The gear perfectly matched her “Hulk”-looking breastplate. Throughout the show, which included songs like “Dirrty,” “Lady Marmalade,” “Beautiful,” and others, Aguilera changed into a variety of outfits, some of which had cone-shaped nipples and other eye-catching accoutrements.

She wore a Pride-themed rainbow outfit at one point. At another, she dressed up in the chaps outfit from her iconic 2002 “Dirrty” music video, which she also did at the 2021 People’s Choice Awards. However, this time in a fiery red palette, complete with a bodysuit, sunglasses, and matching microphone.

Over the years, Xtina’s iconic dress has inspired innumerable Halloween costumes. Additionally, the pop star’s circa-2000s style has lately prompted a scarf top rebirth, and cheeky chaps even made a brief comeback in 2018. Dorit Kemsley, star of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” borrowed Aguilera’s strappy, sensual “Not Myself Tonight” dress for a recent red carpet. Check out the photos below.

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