Latto is one of the more popular female rappers right now as she continues generating engagement on social media. The singer is ruling the music market with her bass-thumping beats and brilliant wordplay and she appears to have someone on her side encouraging her the entire way. Latto recently expressed her longing for her mystery man’s baby and how much she misses him.

The “Big Energy” singer took to Twitter earlier today to share some information about her beau. No one knows who he is right now, and Latto probably prefers it that way. She tweeted about how excited she was to return home to her lover after ending her performance in Houston, Texas.

“You miss him already? [sad face emoji],” a fan inquired, surprised by her post. The rapper replied by saying she can’t bear being apart from him for long periods of time. She continued the conversation by boasting about how her partner goes to great lengths to make her happy, even sending her transport so she can go home to him soon.

Another fan jokingly said, “invite us to the wedding gurl,” to which Latto responded, “Ok. I’m just tryna see if I wanna have this baby before or after.”

It’s not the first time Latto has praised her boyfriend. She shared text messages from him supporting her rap career in March, which made her cry in the club. He also created a list of all the gifts he had given her. A Richard Mille watch, a Birkin bag, a Corvette, and a Lamborghini were among the items.

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Smita Singha Roy

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