Future has established a foothold in the industry with his back-to-back efforts. His popularity has grown soo much that Fans attempt to reach the rapper in any manner possible. The Magic City Strip club recently got a letter to its location addressed to the rapper.

When 42 Dugg’s “Maybach,” featuring Future, was released in 2021, the 38-year-old rapper let fans in on a secret. When he rapped, “Magic City, I’m the owner,” he was referring to one of Atlanta’s most popular nightclubs. GQ named the club America’s most important club, and it’s known for its amazing dancers and star guests.

Future frequently mentioned business in his rhymes, and he even has a song called “Magic City Monday.” Without a doubt, the establishment is dear to his heart, so much so that people are attempting to contact him via the address.

The club’s official Instagram page shared a photo that made people laugh on social media. The illustration depicted an envelope addressed to Nayvadius “Future” Wilburn, however his first name was misspelled. It was captioned on the page.

“@future come pick up your mail Mr. Owner.”

Following the post, it was reposted on many social media networks, resulting in hundreds of likes. The I Never Liked You singer was also aware of it and shared it with his 20 million Instagram followers on his story. He also left a comment on the post, which was later removed.

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