Chris Evans’ Captain America had had a full life when fans last saw him. Fans have been clamoring to know if Chris Evans will ever return to the franchise as Captain America since the release of Avengers: Endgame three years ago. Finally, the actor has spoken out about this possibility.

Evans described a return to the MCU as “a difficult order” during the press tour for Lightyear. Fans are hoping to get a glimpse of the time when Steve returned the Infinity Stones to their proper places. Evans recently shared his thoughts to

That seems to be something people would like to see. I don’t want to disappoint anybody, but It was such a good run and I’m so happy with it … it’s so precious to me. It would have to be perfect. It would be scary to rattle something that is, again, so, so dear to me, and that role means so much to me, so to revisit it would be a tall order.

It’s difficult to imagine what else Marvel could do with Steve. Except for the Infinity Stone job, we’ve basically seen the entirety of his life. We are now living in the Multiverse, so we may see an alternate Steve Rodgers, but the Captain America baton has been passed to Anthony Mackie’s Falcon, so things may start to look the same.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe’s most successful saga – The Infinity Saga has come to an end. Sure, Spider-Man and Doctor Strange are still around, and Thor will be back on our screens shortly, but Phase Four is now led by a slew of new characters like Kate Bishop, Moon Knight, and Ms. Marvel. Time flies by so quickly. For further updates stay tuned to Thirsty.

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