Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson’s relationship had enough drama already. Recently, the latest episode of The Kardashians had fans in shock after it was revealed that Thompson had cheated on Khloe right after she threw him a birthday party. This brought up a lot of older feelings on the matter.

After the episode aired, Khloe shared a tweet mentioning how grateful she was for her family for standing by her side. Fans also had their own opinions to share. One user wrote on Twitter, “I respect y’all for being on this positivity sh*t but F*CK Tristan!!! #TheKardashians.”

Khloe noticed the tweet and reacted to it by dropping four heart emojis under it which made fans believe that Khloe was on the same page as her fans.

However, after her brief response got some popularity, she took to social media to defend what she had said. She shared a tweet saying, “This is why I get discouraged to tweet. Things get taken out of context or made into something that it wasn’t. No matter what someone does to me, it’s not my personality to do something spiteful back. Especially on SM. I wish people stoped taking the fun/innocence out of things.”

The user whose tweet Khloe replied to shared another tweet, adding, “you don’t deserve for people to take [three heart emojis] out of context you were just sending me love you didn’t co-sign anything.”

Kim was furious as read the legal documents by Tristan. Tristan had acknowledged his infidelities in the document. Frustrated by his behavior, Kim inquired if her sister had been informed, to which she retorted, “Khloe doesn’t even f*cking know!” Tristan left the party Khloe had arranged for him to have sexual intercourse with a lady in Houston, Texas, and pregnant her, according to Kim.

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Sanchari Ghosh

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