Tiger Woods can now count himself among only three billionaire athletes in the world. The golf legend recently made an inspirational comeback after nearly losing his leg in a car accident. Tiger’s decades of endorsements and earnings on the course have now put him in an exclusive club along with LeBron James and Michael Jordan.

Forbes reported that Tiger Woods is now worth over $1 billion. Under 10% of those earnings came from playing golf. The vast majority of Tiger’s wealth came in the form of endorsements.

Tiger Woods has made huge money from sponsorship deals over his career. While Woods lost several of those deals to controversies over the years, he is still great for business. Tiger has done business with big brands like Gatorade, Nike, Monster Energy, and TaylorMade.

It was reported that Tiger recently turned down a very lucrative deal to join the Saudi-backed LIV golf tour. Despite walking away from a nine-digit offer, Woods is still a billionaire. Veteran sports business consultant Joe Favorito talked about how Tiger made it to the top.

“He hit the right time in the right sport, being an athlete with a diverse background who was approachable. Brands love knowing they’re getting someone who is embraced not just by the traditional but also by the casual fans.”

Tiger Woods didn’t become a billionaire by winning golf tournaments. The sport did open the door for him. Ultimately, it was his business acumen and ability to spot the right deals that put Tiger Woods right up there among the richest athletes on the planet.

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