‘Ice Ice Baby’ is Vanilla Ice’s most recognizable song. It appeared on Vanilla’s 1991 debut album titled ‘To The Extreme’ and has featured in multiple movies and television shows since. It was also the first hip hop track to reach the number one spot on the Billboard Top 100 list and has often been spoken about for helping bring hip hop to the mainstream. However, it looks as if someone is calling Vanilla Ice out for his participation in creating the smash hit.

Co-writer Mario “Chocolate” Johnson, who was infamously appointed by Suge Knight, express his feelings towards Vanilla and him having no part in writing the song. Vanilla has ripped Johnson’s work in the past, so perhaps this is some sort of revenge from Johnson’s part. Though, looking at the controversial history of the song one could suspect that Johnson’s on to something. Check out what Johnson had to say below:

He said he wrote ‘Ice Ice Baby’ at 16 … he didn’t write NO parts of that song!

Vanilla lost credibility as a rap artist after the song was released with many audiences calling him a novelty act. Eminem once expressed his disliked for the song and “having felt like [he] needed to quit rap” altogether after had heard it for the first time. Vanilla though is still best known for the song and many outside of the mainstream have come to accept him.

Vanilla’s first album also sold more than 15 units world wide. Although he has his detractors such as Johnson, Vanilla can still relish in his previous successes. What Vanilla will come up next we’ll just have wait and see.

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Joshua Jones

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