LeBron James and his family are mostly known for their game as basketball is deeply embedded in their hearts. On his off days, LeBron loves to hang out with his teenage sons teaching them techniques. Recently, LeBron was seen hooping in the driveway with his son Bronny & Bryce.

Lebron recently become a billionaire, which is an incredible achievement while still playing basketball. LeBron James has been able to amass generational wealth for his family through endorsement deals, his media enterprises, and the sport that he loves.

Bronny Jr. and Bryce Maximus are LeBron’s two boys. They are both talented young basketball players who presently play for Sierra Canyon. Both have a chance to play in the NBA one day, and LeBron is doing everything he can to help them develop properly.

LeBron James recently spent some quality time in their driveway with his two youngsters. LeBron shared an eight-minute video on Instagram in which he shoots about with Bronny and Bryce by his side.

The three appeared to be having a great time, and there’s no doubt that LeBron was overjoyed to have his children by his side. They are a true basketball family, and LeBron is assisting his sons in achieving their objectives, which is wonderful to see.

The best part of this video is that they each had to make three consecutive shots before they could return inside. Bryce and Bronny eagerly accepted the challenge, and they eventually hit their targets.

LeBron intends to play NBA hoops with at least one of his boys before he retires. Let’s see if his desire comes true or not. For further updates stay tuned to Thirsty.

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