Mandy Moore married Taylor Goldsmith in November 2018 after three years of dating. The couple announced their intention to start a family in September 2020. She is now pregnant with her second child after welcoming her first in 2021. Now Moore has updated fans with a baby bump photo on her Instagram story.

The pregnant actress showed off her bare belly on an Instagram story on Monday to her fans’ delight. The former teen idol also discussed getting sick during her first trimester. On the bright side, she expressed gratitude for the ability to move her body.

Moore was wearing a gingham sports bra and matching leggings in the snap. She’s obviously keeping things comfortable right now as she should.

“I was really sick for my first trimester again but happy to be feeling better so I can move my body and rock my fav collab. Can’t wait to get back to Cali and hike in this.”

The mirror photo was taken three days after the “Princess Diaries” star announced to her followers that she and her husband Taylor Goldsmith are expecting their second child. The couple shared photos of their 1-year-old son, August, sporting a “Big Brother” shirt on Friday.

“One incredibly seminal chapter of my life just ended and the next one, as a mother of two, is about to start… and are we ever so deeply grateful and excited. Baby Boy Goldsmith #2 coming this fall! Tour is gonna be slightly different than I expected but I can’t wait and Gus is gonna be the BEST big brother!! Xo”

The Emmy nominee’s former co-star Chrissy Metz commented, “That shirt is just perfect on Gus!” Hilary Duff added, “Mandy mama of twooooo boys!” In his own post, Goldsmith called Moore the “best” mother.

“Gus is gonna be the best big brother. @mandymooremm is gonna be the best MomOf2. There’s a good chance I’m the happiest, luckiest person you know (or just follow) and now we’re gonna double it.”

In November 2021, the “Candy” singer told Parents magazine that her musician husband adapted to parenthood “effortlessly” after August was born in February. Moore admitted to being “clumsy” and “awkward” in contrast.

“I felt a lot of shame and a lot of guilt. But … suddenly, we glided into a new phase and Gus preferred me to my husband. And it’s going to change again. It’s a roller-coaster.”

The couple is expecting their second kid and is accumulating a lot of blessings. Let’s hope Moore and her child remain healthy. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Thirsty.

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