Fran Drescher is no longer The Nanny, as she is currently the president of SAG-AFTRA. She is also running a charity, Cancer Schmancer. On the other hand, ‘The Nanny’ has certainly seen huge numbers as well.

Nowadays, reboots and reimaginings are very common. While speaking on the HollywoodLife Podcast, Fran Drescher joked that if she were to do a reboot of ‘The Nanny,’ it would have to be called The Granny.

“Being the president of SAG-AFTRA has me so exhausted by so many demands being put on me, on top of having a big career and a big organization, so I can’t totally wrap my mind around committing to another series…but never say never.

Peter [Jacobson] and Frank [Lombardi] wrote a pilot script for me, and they’re trying to sell it. I said, ‘If you sell it, I’ll do it.’ So, we’ll see what happens, but that’s only because it’s them and they’re brilliant comedy writers for my voice.”

She founded her charity Cancer Schmancer in 2007 as she herself was diagnosed with uterine cancer in 2000, after at least two years of symptoms and misdiagnoses by eight doctors.

We’re a very positive, proactive, empowering organization that helps put the power of your health and control over your own body back in your hands by learning more and transforming from being a patient into a medical consumer, knowing what questions to ask, knowing how your lifestyle is impacting your body’s ability to thwart and resist certain diseases, how your lifestyle is creating inflammation, which is the beginning of cancer, which a lot of people don’t realize

In fact, a fan of The Nanny wrote a book called N Is For The Nanny. It is a good way to teach young readers the alphabet through references to the ’90s sitcom, and a hundred percent of the proceeds from sales go to Cancer Schmancer. We’ll have to see whether the reboot will happen or not.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

Subhojeet has been a massive fan of professional wrestling for over 22 years, since the early days of the Monday Night Wars. Aside from wrestling, he also is into TV shows, movies, Anime, novels and a lot of music.

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