The Scream film franchise ranks up there as one of the top horror film franchises of all time. Having humble beginnings in the 90s, it eventually became a huge deal and is now a huge part of pop culture. Neve Campbell will not be there for the next film, because she turned down the script.

According to JoBlo, Neve Campbell was present at Monsterpalooza at the Pasadena Convention Center this weekend. Many attendees are reporting that the actress said she won’t be coming back for the 6th instalment in the franchise.

Several attendees took to social media and added that Campbell has stated she will not be involved in the upcoming Scream 6 after reading the script. This is because, according to Campbell, via the attendees, “it didn’t do Sidney justice.”

Many fans believe this is not true at all and because she is just lying because the actress cannot reveal she will be part of the film just yet. Not having her attached to the film would be a big blow to their marquee, but they might be able to fill her shoes. Then again, the Scream franchise has a tendency of killing off characters.

The franchise is simply not the same without Campbell, so it is understandable why fans are worried. We’ll have to see whether she won’t be part of the film or not.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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