Cardi B is currently one of the most well-known rappers in the rapping industry. However, Cardi B’s sophomore album prompted a social media dispute over the weekend, even though it has yet to be released.

Despite the fact that both of her popular singles “WAP” and “Up” are more than a year old, the Bronx bombshell stated during an interview on CENTERFOLD, the digital platform she founded with Playboy last December, that they will appear on her Invasion of Privacy follow-up. 

One Twitter user reacted angrily to the news, claiming that such a choice was made merely to boost streaming numbers. “I blame the streaming era,” the fan wrote. “Artists just do this to get certifications for their album. I don’t like it.”

Since its August 2020 debut, the Megan Thee Stallion-assisted “WAP” has sold over seven million units, while last year’s “Up” was certified double platinum in just over six months. These singles won’t count toward Cardi B’s new album’s first-week sales, but they will count toward the album’s total units and any Recording Industry Association of America trophies awarded, according to current standards.

After receiving a barrage of criticism from Cardi B’s rabid fan base, the fan stated that his criticism was directed at all musicians, not just Cardi, before deleting his original tweet. 

“I deleted that damn tweet cuz I fr was not trying to start a stan war. I hate being in the middle of those. That was not, I repeat, WAS NOT, a shot or a hate tweet at Cardi. It was a critique of the music industry and how it affects track listing.

Real talk, I’ve been thinking about this. If I’m going to subject myself to scrutiny over my opinions as a content creator I’d rather do it over something more important than petty music conversations.”

The fan, who operates a YouTube music reaction channel, also mentioned that he’s chastised other musicians for doing the same thing, including Drake, Kendrick Lamar, and Baby Keem. That didn’t stop Cardi B from adding her honest opinion to the conversation when she defended her decision to include “Up” and “WAP” on the tracklist for her next album.

“Stop trying to act innocent when u know u was trying to pander. Why haven’t you said nothing about other artists who recently put songs b4 the pandemic on their album or people that have to put other people songs on their shit ..Imagine my biggest song not being on a album.

One more thing my first album I did not had CDs, Merch or bundles just straight fire ….and I had a amazing debut and gave a song that became DIAMOND from it ….F*ck you talking about …wash your tongue correctly b4 you talk about who needs streams in this bitch!”

This isn’t the first time Cardi B’s aforementioned singles have sparked debate. Despite its massive economic success, conservative opponents, and even fellow rappers were outraged by “WAP’s” brazenly obscene lyrics and graphics. The song’s performance by Cardi B and Megan at the Grammy Awards in 2021 garnered over 1,000 complaints to the FCC (Federal Communications Commission).

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