Jorge Masvidal used to stand behind Nate Diaz in his argument against the UFC. Now it appears that Nate lost that powerful ally.

During a recent episode of The MMA Hour, Masvidal actually mocked Diaz’s situation with the UFC, a stalemate on a contract dispute. He said that the California native put himself on the bench because he refused to fight.

“I think he’s got too much CTE, probably can’t even f****** understand what they’re putting in front of him. I don’t know. I usually don’t take the UFC’s side for many things, but from what I’ve heard and seen, I’m like, this guy’s just a f****** diva, bro – just f****** fight.

“I could sign him off in his last fight if he wants. All that s*** talking he’s been doing lately. I wouldn’t mind breaking his jaw and sending him off to whatever gambling casino he’s going to be fighting at or Indian reservation he’ll be headlining. I don’t mind. But he won’t sign when my name gets brought up again. It’s another ghost-ghost on [UFC executive] Hunter [Campbell], on all the matchmakers for weeks when my name gets brought up. So it’s whatever.”

Diaz asked the UFC to book the final fight of his current contract on several occasions. That hasn’t happened yet and there is a holdup, because UFC wants him to ink a new deal. Diaz has turned down several fights and UFC is able to extend that contract.

This is a very interesting situation, and it’s likely far from finished. We’ll keep our eyes peeled just in cast the UFC and Nate Diaz can come to an agreement in this situation, but for now it seems like a real fight outside the Octagon.

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H Jenkins

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