Johnny Depp said that Amber Heard’s claim that he was an abuser led to him losing out on millions of dollars in movie roles. The beloved “Pirates of the Caribbean” star earned a judgment of $15 million in the defamation case, but many have questioned his ability to make a Hollywood comeback. That is proving not to be true as Depp has already landed a very high-profile role.

Inside Edition has reported that Johnny Depp has been cast in the upcoming sequel to the hit movie ‘Beetlejuice.’ Interestingly, the star of the original film is his ex-fiancé, Winona Ryder. Rumors have been swirling about Depp’s attachment to the new Beetlejuice flick for the past week or so.

The new sequel will bring back Ryder for her role as well as Michael Keaton, who plays the titular ghost. The rumors started when Google listed Johnny Depp alongside them with the film’s cast. The movie is also rumored to feature Will Arnett and Stranger Things’ David Harbour, according to its IMDB listing.

“From critically acclaimed filmmaker and screenwriter, Tim Burton presents the long-awaited sequel to the Halloween classic. Keaton’s action-packed comedic demon returns to the silver screen for more mischief than ever before. When the Maitland house EXPLODES, so does the fun, so buckle up. The original cast and crew plus new additions return when Beetlejuice is found homeless in the netherworld. He takes it upon himself to travel back to the mortal world seeking comfort, only to find the Maitland house has blown up due to a gas leak, leaving our beloved characters without a humble home to share the love. In search of guidance, the crew travels down to the Netherworld only to find there’s a new sheriff in these parts, The Jersey Devil (Will Arnett). Through a surprising turn of events, the self-known ladies man, Beetlejuice learns that the Jersey Devil is his long-lost son through one of his numerous love affairs. Lydia Deetz (Winona Ryder) is wooed by the enchanting Jersey Devil, despite being married to a struggling real estate agent (David Harbour). Through kooky scenarios and ecstatic characters, the fun never stops. Though entertaining, it is also a heart-wrenching tale that shows Beetlejuice is just another man trying to find his way in the world. The story also progresses the idea that a family is never truly ideal. The story continues when you say the release date three times unbroken. Release date TBD.”

A Beetlejuice sequel has been talked about for over 30 years. In February, reports surfaced that the movie was finally getting out of development hell. Now things appear to be picking up, and Johnny Depp will once again be working with Tim Burton.

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