Yak Gotti’s bond was recently denied after the judge determined he was a threat to witnesses and feared he might try to run. The trial is expected to begin in January 2023. Yak has also denied that he will cooperate with authorities in the RICO case involving his fellow YSL members and affiliates.

Prosecutors accused him of snitching on YSL Duke in a fatal shooting in 2015. The accusations came after the rapper was denied bond recently. He responded to the charges on Instagram shortly after the hearing.

2015 my brudda never did a day in jail because I claimed my sh-t. I did 4 years fed with no tears! Stop the [cap emoji].

Yak Gotti’s legal team emphasized throughout the hearing that he is a hardworking family guy. He also has the backing of his “friends, family, and business associates.” Prosecutors, on the other hand, claim Gotti is a menace to any potential witnesses.

Since his arrest in May, they have also accused him of being involved in gang activity. They also referenced his criminal background, which included his suspected involvement in Donovan “Big Nut” Thomas’s fatal shot. After being apprehended during a traffic stop, Yak Gotti and YSL Duke were charged in connection with Thomas’ killing.

They had an AK-47 assault rifle and a.40 caliber handgun, according to cops. The suspicions of snitching came when prosecutors alleged Gotti had previously pleaded guilty to murder conspiracy. While no details were provided, it was speculated that he worked with detectives and tipped off his co-defendant, YSL Duke. Check out the tweet below.

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