LeBron James set the ambitious goal of becoming a billion-dollar athlete back in 2014. After earning $121.2 million last year, King James has reached that lofty goal. LeBron is now officially a billionaire.

According to Forbes, James now has a net worth of $1 billion. LeBron has earned $385 million in NBA salaries alone. He has also made $900 million from endorsements and other business ventures. That places his total estimated worth at around $1.2 billion.

LeBron James came from humble roots. He was born to a teenage mother in Akron, Ohio, and bounced around between various family members. After realizing his incredible athletic potential, he is now a part of a very exclusive club.

The key to LeBron James’ massive fortune is that he is more than just a celebrity endorser. James structures his business deals so that he gets a stake in whatever brands he partners with. While it isn’t the quickest paycheck, that business savvy has paid off in droves.

James owns a piece of Blaze Pizza, smart gym-maker Tonal, and rideshare company Lyft, just to name a few. Because of the way the deals are structured, LeBron continues to see income even after his endorsements are finished up. James also has a large ownership interest in Springhill, a TV and movie production house that has resulted in some huge hits.

LeBron James may have missed the NBA Playoffs with the Lakers this year, but he is set for life off the hardwood. James’ business smarts have made him a bona fide billionaire. That’s not too bad for a kid from a struggling family in Ohio.

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