Bobby Brown has been through quite a life, but fans haven’t heard the whole story yet. The losses that Brown has suffered have been immeasurable. The R&B legend’s life has been riddled with tragedies, addiction problems, and health issues, and he has been detailing every little step in his two-part docuseries, Biography: Bobby Brown

According to Daily Mail, the New Edition icon has been candid about how he has coped with losing so many members of his family and for his documentary, he revealed that he almost lost his life after nearly drinking himself to death. He revealed in the series, “Losing my daughter hurt me to my core,” he added, “Children are not supposed to go before their parents and I lost my baby girl. I started drinking a lot.”

Brown also shared that he suffered two heart attacks due to excessive drinking. He said, “My drinking had gotten to a point where my bodily functions were starting to quit on my body. I had two heart attacks. I had two stents in my heart.” He added, “I chose to check in and get help for it again. I went to detox and got myself together. I am not normal. I’m an alcoholic. It is an everyday fight for sobriety. I am in prayer and therapy.”

Brown says he regularly attends Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and has a sponsor who guides him through his ongoing sobriety. He shared in the docuseries, “After everything, I can only be proud of myself on a daily basis, because I struggle and work hard to make my kids see me in a better light than I see myself.” He also asserted that, “Family has always been a major part of my life. That is the only way I get by. Family are my biggest support system. I feel all loved. It keeps me afloat.”

“I am a survivor and my angels are looking over me, carried me a long way and I’m thankful.”

Bobby Brown has lost many significant persons in his life, and it appears that he is still grieving. Fans who want to learn more about his life should see his documentary, which was released on May 30. For further updates stay tuned to Thirsty.

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