Tom Holland and Zendaya are one of the the sweetest couples in Hollywood. As time passed, the Marvel duo is getting closer. However, it appears like Tom Holland is being showered with affection on his birthday after his main girl wrote a birthday shoutout for him.

The actor turned 26 years old on Wednesday. Zendaya wrote a nice message to her lover and posted an extremely cute black-and-white photo of the duo.

Zendaya wrote in the caption:

“Happiest of birthdays to the one who makes me the happiest.”

Tom appeared to have his arms around Zendaya in the picture, as the two Spider-Man stars grinned in front of a fuzzy background that appeared to be a country road. Tom was dressed in a white t-shirt, while the Dune actress appeared to be dressed in a black shirt as she snuggled up to him.

Tom surely makes Zendaya “the happiest,” as she’s frequently expressed her gratitude for Tom’s support. In an April interview with Entertainment Tonight, she revealed that Tom came to see her on the set of Euphoria “at least 30 times this season.”

Zendaya said:

 “He supported me through the whole season,” 

Following several rumors that the Spider-Man co-stars were dating, the duo made their relationship public when they were photographed kissing in a car in July 2021. The couple has routinely gushed about their love for one another since going public. When the latest edition of Marvel’s Spider-Man films hit theatres, Zendaya shared a behind-the-scenes photo of Tom performing one of his stunts and gushed about his performance.

Tom wrote a touching note to his girlfriend, Zendaya, on her 26th birthday in September, referencing both of their characters Peter Parker and MJ in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, keep an eye on Thirsty to get the latest updates regarding the couple.

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