Madonna and hip-hop appear to go hand in hand, since she is known to collaborate with some of the genre’s most well-known rappers. Madonna has been doing this from the beginning of her career, when she invited Big Daddy Kane to photograph with her and Naomi Campbell for her book “SEX” in 1992.

The world is aware of her affair with Tupac and how the two corresponded while he was incarcerated. Madonna was also seen having a good time with Kanye West and his friends a few months back. The “Material Girl” was recently photographed kicking it with Tory Lanez at the Gervonta Davis bout.

Tory Lanez and Madonna appear to be battling over music but musing over a fight. The two were spotted backstage before the bout. Madonna attempted to hide behind a face fan, but Tory Lanez was willing to speak with the press about the imminent fight.

He made his predictions, saying he thought Davis would win in five rounds but that he “had faith in the underdog.” Madonna quipped in with another mate, berating him and saying, “No. No. Don’t sit on the fence.” She shouts at him to “Choose” off-camera.

It’s great to watch Madonna and Tory get along so well. After the Canadian singer borrowed one of her early hit tracks, “Into the Groove,” for his single “Pluto’s Last Comet,” the two were at odds. The song was written seven years before the rapper was born, in 1985.

Tory Lanez’s Instagram post promoting the new album drew a reaction from the seven-time Grammy winner. It appears like the discrepancy has been resolved and Gervonta Davis won by knockout in the sixth round. Check out the videos below.

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