It is amazing how Lil Nas X has gained his way into stardom in recent years. Fans are not happy with the fact that Jack Harlow got nominated before Lil Nas X for Best Male Artist. LNX might be in on voicing that displeasure.

Lil Nas X has repeatedly topped charts which made the Grammys appreciate his efforts, but the BET seemingly snubbed him. Of course, in typical fashion, he had to say something about the controversy he found himself in.

The list of nominations was released by BET was released on Wednesday, June 1st and Lil Nas X did not appear in any of the categories. The BET Awards clearly did not recognize any of his efforts and this made Lil Nas X post a few tweets addressing his disappointment.

“Thank you BET Awards. An outstanding zero nominations again. Black excellence.” He followed up with another tweet by saying, “I try to be humble so bad but it’s really fuck you to a lot of you n***as.” He also, “I will be selling fish plates outside of the BET Awards this year.” Those tweets were eventually deleted, but they still live online for all to see below.

There are several fans who agree with Lil Nas X that the BET was biased and some are also puzzled as to why Jack Harlow was placed before he was. Check out these posts below and let us know what you think.

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Sanchari Ghosh

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