Fans are excited for the upcoming All Elite Wrestling console game. They were given a shock last month when it was revealed that the roster would only have roughly 50 wrestlers at launch. However, Tony Khan has admitted that the roster is not yet finalized.

Tony Khan revealed that the AEW Fight Forever’s roster will be larger than previously announced. After signing a slew of new talent in the last few months, new signees are still being added.

Khan made an appearance on Andreas Hale’s The Corner podcast to cover a range of topics. Khan wouldn’t give a release date for AEW Fight Forever, but stated that they are continually adding names to the game’s ever-growing roster. He also indicated that the roster would keep growing through DLC additions after the game’s release.

“I’m not gonna put an exact date on it. But we’ve put a lot of time and effort into the development of this game. It’s gonna be great. A lot of the great stars of AEW are in it, and a number of people who’ve come in, even in the past year, will be featured in that game, and a lot of big stars have come in in the past year, and we’ve added some stars along the way that I think are really important to get in the game for everybody.

So we’ll have a great roster when we launch, and then we’ll still be able to add people through DLC as we go, but making sure we get the best possible roster when we start. We’ve signed so many wrestlers in the last year, especially in the recent months. We may not be able to get every single person in, but people that have signed pretty recently, we’re still trying to get some of the biggest names in because we think that’s the best chance for the launch of the game is to have some of the biggest stars in the world of wrestling in the game, and we already had a lot of them, and we’re adding more.”

Tony Khan recently addressed Eric Bischoff’s recent comments in which he referred to Punk as an AEW financial flop. Khan called Bischoff’s comments “bullsh*t” before going into great detail about why they weren’t accurate. 

Only time will tell what he says about AEW’s video game when the time comes to face critics. Stay tuned to Thirsty for more updates.

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