The Rock has a ton of passionate fans who would love to be spotted out with him in public. One creative high school student didn’t have a date for prom, but that didn’t stop her from taking one of Hollywood’s biggest names to the big dance.

The Great One said that he was “super happy” that a fan posted pictures of her prom date with a cardboard cutout of the “Red Notice” actor. So, he reposted the pictures on his Instagram, which showed the fan @smilesweetsraccoon, whose real name is Mel, posing with his cardboard cutout throughout her prom event. Her friends also had a good time with the cardboard Rock.

Dwayne Johnson captioned the repost, “It was absolutely my honor @smilesweetsraccoon and you were the best prom date EVER!!, Great to meet your family and friends too!”

“Great to meet your family and friends too,” he wrote, with a winking face emoji. The People’s Champion then added, “ps, I’m super happy you posted this! Have the best summer!”

Mel captioned her original post, “Thank you @therock for taking me to prom. I had so much fun. Best date a person could ask for.” Both The Rock and fan used the hashtag #itsaboutdriveitsaboutpower, a reference to Johnson’s rap on the song “Face Off,” which went viral last year.

The Fast and Furious actor has been praised for being generous in the past as well. Once he gave away his custom truck to a Navy veteran as a Christmas gift. Obviously, he got a kick out of this situation as well.

What’s your take on this story? Whose cardboard cutout would you take to prom?? Sound off in the comments!

Sanchari Ghosh

Sanchari has a degree in chemical engineering. Apart from that, she has a knack for reading and photography too. She likes to keep herself updated with what is happening around the world. Sanchari is always keen on learning new things. She loves watching movies and her favorite genre is romantic comedies!

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