Michael Blackson and Rada Darling’s relationship had its ups and downs, but the couple never gave up hope of making it work. After reuniting, the one-of-a-kind pair pushed the boundaries of candor with one another. Recently, Michael Blackson claimed that his fiancée enjoys watching him have fun with other women.

Blackson recently claimed that he and his fiancée aren’t afraid to get a little weird in the bedroom, even if it means inviting another partner in while the other watches.

Michael was the latest guest on Raquel Harper’s “It’s Tricky,” and he didn’t hold back while discussing his sexual exploits with fiancee Rada Darling, claiming that one of her biggest turn-ons is watching him perform the deed with other women.

Michael and Rada had been dating for a few years when he decided to propose in front of a large audience during a radio broadcast with “The Breakfast Club.” Rada screamed as soon as she said yes to Michael and he again responded.

“Bye side bitch! 90% of the side bitches, bye-bye.”

Blackson told Raquel Harper, that it doesn’t sound like he’s done getting it on with other women, but Rada is having a nice time with this right now. What’s your take on this couple? For further updates stay tuned to Thirsty.

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