Few people capture attention like Elon Musk. His public breakup with Grimes was followed by a brief stint as a single man, but he has already linked up with a new love interest.

Elon Musk has been spotted with his new girlfriend, Australian actress Natasha Bassett, having lunch in billionaires’ paradise St Tropez. The pair then strolled hand-in-hand out of the expensive eatery past other sunseekers on the beach. 

The 50-year-old Tesla CEO and actress Natasha, who is 29, were first seen together in February when they were having lunch at Cheval Blanc Hotel. The couple seemed very joyous and engaged in a happy conversation as they were smiling and laughing during the outing.

Elon was wearing a black t-shirt and Natasha wore a green and white patterned long strapless summer outfit. Both of them were also wearing black baseball caps, and Natasha had sunglasses.

Elon and Natasha attended top talent agent Ari Emanuel‘s wedding in the same week they were seen having lunch together. Larry David was the official of the ceremony and Elon was seen with other people such as Diddy, Emily Ratajkowski, and Tyler Perry at the event.

Musk wore a dark-colored blazer over a white button-down top and black pants during the reception and was seen having conversations with others as Natasha was enjoying the special event.

According to Hollywood Life, the couple were seen traveling together on a private jet, just three weeks prior to their lunch date and Ari’s wedding. An insider shared that the lovebirds, “have only been dating for a couple of months, but they are already in a monogamous relationship. They are very much into each other and have been spending a tremendous amount of time together.”

This new relationship is beginning at a time when both Elon and Natasha are making headlines in their respective careers. The Australian actress stars in Baz Luhrmann’s upcoming biopic Elvis where she plays the role of Dixie Locke, Elvis’ first girlfriend, in the film.

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