Rapper SkinnyFromThe9 had a solid start to his career with his breakout single “Love Blast,” which received a lot of views. He went on to release another solid single but then things changed for him. He is also infamous for being a snitch and this stigma still remains.

He is called a snitch because a few years ago, he was a kid being reckless in the streets. Someone set a house on fire and they blamed it all on him; and this is something he claimed he had nothing to do with.

5 years later, it affected his rap career as the same person who was mad at him sent clips of Skinny with the police and tried to ruin his career for good. Clearly, he is still affected by all this, even now.

As revealed by a recent video, SkinnyFromThe9 sucker punched a fan who asked him why he snitched. The fan should have known better than ask that to his face, but he still got a viral video out of the situation.

#skinnyfromthe9 punched a fan for asking if he snitched on the homies 😩 but bro be clout chasing so I don’t even know if this is staged or not

SkinnyFromThe9 is currently not all that relevant, but his name obviously still rings some bells. If you see him in public, he seems like a really cool guy with fans; just don’t ask him about snitching.

Regardless, fans will not really care about what he did after a while anyway, but that snitching stink is one that stays with you forever. Just remember, that 6ix9ine is a bona fide snitch who owns it, but SkinnyFromThe9 will try to knock out TF out for breaching the subject and that’s pretty gangster.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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