Madonna and her 16-year-old son, David Banda, were out on the town at Barclays Center in Brooklyn recently. Coincidentally, it was on the same night that a catastrophic crowd stampede happened after someone claimed to have heard gunshots inside the arena. It is unknown whether the “Vogue” singer and her son were present at the time of the active shooter alarm.

The two were in attendance to watch Davis vs. Romero fight for the World Lightweight Championship. The Queen of Pop posted numerous beautiful photos on her Instagram account with the comment “family fight night.” She nestled very close to her son in one of the images.

Madonna wore a black Balenciaga coat and light pink-framed sunglasses, while David wore a red dress and gold sunglasses. Around midnight, a horrifying mass panic occurred after someone purportedly claimed that gunshots had been fired. The fans in attendance were completely terrified, and many of them fled the arena and took refuge in other parts of the building.

A security supervisor told ESPN journalist Mike Coppinger that there was “a person with a gun in the main plaza,” which led to the confusion in the arena area of the building. He also mentioned that a large number of people were transported to the hospital, with an approximate tally of about a dozen persons suffering from minor ailments such as an elbow injury and a concussion.

The number of people injured has since been revised to between 16 and 18. Coppinger later updated the situation, saying that N.Y.P.D. investigator Adam Navarro claimed “there was no gun whatsoever” at the location after an investigation. They are still unsure where the claimed sound that triggered the rush originated from. Check out the pictures below.

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