Ice-T and his wife have always been on the wrong side of the crowd due to their parenting methods. Doing questionable and inappropriate things has made fans question their ways of raising a kid. This time Ice-T’s wife, Coco, has been slammed for wearing thongs in front of their child.

Coco was spending time at a splash park with her daughter Chanel to cool off from the sun over the Memorial Day weekend. The model squatted in the water as she wore a string bikini thong that left little of her curves to the imagination. She captioned her Instagram post: “When your husband turns into paparazzi, lol.”

Coco’s choice of swim gear at the children’s park concerned many fans. Coco added the hashtag “give them something to talk about.” This sparked lot of angst among fans in the comments section of the post.

One commented: “A bit much around all the kids now Coco…” The comment quickly racked up over 800 likes as others responded in the thread. Another fan posted: “I agree, I think this is horrid. Please be appropriate around small children.” A third said: “You think it’s okay for kids to be exposed to such indecent swimsuits? Only weird people think this is ok.”

Last week, Ice T and Coco faced backlash for continuing to use a stroller for Chanel. The couple took to Instagram on Monday to share shots from their vacation to Atlantis in the Bahamas. Fans shared their shock over photos of Ice-T and Coco pushing Chanel in a big stroller.

While fans have expressed their disgust over this matter, the couple might not be affected in the way people want. Parenting is something totally up to the mother and father of the child and fans’ disapproval can’t change that.

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