Actors have a long history of branching out into directing, and Bradley Cooper is one of the most successful. With his first film behind the camera, A Star Is Born, the Oscar candidate hit it out of the park. It was a critical and commercial smash that shattered records.

He’s not resting on his laurels for his follow-up. Instead, he’s impersonating Leonard Bernstein, the famed composer and conductor. And based on the first looks, he did a fantastic job on that as well.

Maestro is a film about Leonard Bernstein’s life and career, focusing on his marriage to actress Felicia Montealegre, played by Carey Mulligan. Steven Spielberg was meant to direct it, but he passed it on Bradley Cooper, just like Clint Eastwood passed A Hero is Born to his American Sniper star.

Cooper can be seen in the images at various ages. Cooper appears to be younger in the images with Mulligan, with the exception of a false nose. However, in the others, he’s considerably older and appears so dissimilar to himself that one could be forgiven for assuming they’re freshly discovered photos of the man himself.

Actors have long enjoyed transforming themselves into historical figures by modifying their appearance. As a result, when photographs of Cooper dressed as Bernstein surfaced, it blew many people’s minds. Check out the first look and reactions below.

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