Shaquille O’Neal, a bona fide basketball legend, has one of the most successful NBA careers in history. While he was dominating the court, he had a personal life too. He recently took the blame for being responsible for his divorce from his then-wife, Shaunie O’Neal.

While Shaq has been arguing with Charles Barkley about Jimmy Butler, his former wife Shaunie O’Neal has been planning her wedding to her fiancé, Keion Henderson. The Basketball Wives star married in Anguilla on Saturday.

It seems to have been a dramatic event, one that held a lot of significance for Shaunie, who had recently experienced a family death. In an interview with People, she revealed, “I just lost my dad in February.”

“So, I really struggled with how I was going to get down the aisle. Losing my dad in the midst of planning this wedding was a lot, so my sons handed me off.”

In front of nearly 200 guests, the bride’s three sons she had with Shaq, Myles, Shareef, and Shaqir, led her down the aisle. Amirah and Me’arah, her two daughters, were also present. Yolanda Adams, a gospel singer, sang at the ceremony, which was held on a golf course. Shaunie donned a Jean Louis Sabajai gown with a veil, while Henderson wore a Dolce & Gabbana tux. The couple was engaged in September last year.

Shaq recently went public taking the blame for his and Shaunie’s failed marriage. The former basketball player and current basketball commentator remarked in an interview with The Pivot Podcast, “I was bad. She was awesome. She really was. It was all me.”

Keion, Shaunie’s new spouse, has received nothing but praise from Shaunie. It seems like, while this situation isn’t ideal for Shaq, things are going to work out in the end. Thirsty sends its best wishes to the newlywed couple.

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