‘The Tiger King’ Joe Exotic filed for divorce from Dillon Passage in March after 4 years of marriage. Joe Exotic’s estranged husband recently filed a prenuptial agreement in their divorce case. Joe’s lawyer now claims that it is a money grab and the prenup is fake.

On the surface, this seems strange because you’d expect Joe would want a prenup, but his lawyer, Autumn Blackledge, claims no such contract existed. Dillon’s lawyer filed the prenuptial agreement which separates the property and assets brought into the marriage from the property and assets gained during the marriage.

TMZ reported Blackledge claiming that Joe never signed such a paper. She believes Dillon is using it as a delaying tactic to avoid a definitive divorce decision so he may continue to profit from his connection with Joe. She goes on to say that Dillon has been on a tear, selling some of Joe’s personal possessions for personal benefit while Joe is incarcerated.

According to Blackledge, Dillon has never visited Joe in prison. Joe is deeply in debt, according to the document. She claims he has $65,000 in assets and a staggering $100,052,000 in debts.

She claims he earns $7,800 per year. Dillon owes $20k in student loans and has $110 in his bank account, according to the paperwork, giving him a net value of $20,110. Despite the fact that neither party appears to have much to brag about, Blackledge claims Dillon has made more than $1 million from the ‘Tiger King’ franchise.

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