Blueface and Chrisean Rock haven’t always had the best of connections. They got themselves into conflict with each other in some way or another time and time again. After her son’s partner assaulted her and her daughter, Blueface ‘s mother, Karlissa Saffold, had terrible words to say.

The conflict between Blueface, Chrisean Rock, and Blueface’s family is escalating. Blueface’s mother and sister, Kaliewae, were allegedly beaten up by Blueface and his associates, and Chrisean Rock acknowledged to assaulting them. Saffold quickly rushed to Instagram to explain what had occurred.

All I know is my son will never bring that person around my family ever again in life and that’s all that matters. Carry on. Johnathan, you need help and if I have enabled you in any way I will ask God for forgiveness.

Saffold, on the other hand, hasn’t cooled down yet. She took to Instagram once more to lash out at her kid for what he’s done. Saffold’s tirade just grew angrier. She subsequently turned her attention to Blueface’s financial misdeeds.

You brought that trash bag and her dog where I laid my head and paid rent through helping you build your business and I asked you more than 10 times to get her out my face. You sicked that girl on me like a vicious dog. I never believed them about you but now I see. You are the living devil that I got pregnant with after that abortion. You haven’t paid me ever since September for working in that restaurant and my husband put his own money into it. I will see you in court.

Chrisean Rock recently got Bluefaces face tattooed on her throat. Rock had been in a physical argument with the rapper’s family less than 48 hours after getting tattooed. Obviously, this situation is only beginning, so we’ll probably hear from them again. Check out the Instagram post below.

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