Alec Baldwin is still dealing with the catastrophes in his life, particularly the fatal shooting on the set of Rust. That event injured director Joel Souza and murdered cinematographer Halyna Hutchins. That’s not all; because just recently, Alec Baldwin’s television show was canceled due to the ‘Rust’ scandal.

According to Variety, while the 30 Rock star has returned to work on other projects, including a Santa Claus role in Rome with his brother, William, but he will not be reprising his role as matchmaker. ABC canceled a slew of revived game shows, including Baldwin’s version of Match Game.

While the Rust issue had nothing to do with the cancellation, it is difficult to deny it had an impact. Add in the actor’s turbulent personal life, which includes the death of his mother and the probable birth of another kid, and you can’t be shocked. The actor is facing various lawsuits related to the Rust shoot, including the risk of being held liable for Hutchins’ death.

The lawsuits seek damages from Baldwin, who is the film’s producer and is liable if costs were cut to save budget while removing safety safeguards that may have prevented the catastrophe. Baldwin has refuted these charges, claiming that he is not financially liable for the tragedy and was not in charge of gun safety on the set. The cancellation of Match Game had nothing to do with the aftermath of the Rust shooting.

The Match Game hasn’t been in production since before the pandemic began in 2020, and it only aired two new episodes in 2021. However, they were holdovers from the previous production period. Baldwin’s Match Game revival debuted in 2016, at the same time that Baldwin began to perform on Saturday Night Live as Donald Trump.

The Fremantle production was based on Gene Rayburn’s iconic show, in which participants try to match answers with six celebrities in a game of fill-in-the-blank. The new series had competitors competing for $25,000 and aired for 69 episodes on ABC since its debut.

Alec has a lot going on in his life. Let’s see whether he can handle all of them. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Thirsty.

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