The game of baseball might be America’s favorite pastime, but it can get serious. Now. Tommy Pham has been suspended for three upcoming games after he slapped Joc Pederson over some alleged beef.

In an interview, Cincinnati Reds outfielder, Pham, revealed to reporters that he was suspended since he slapped San Francisco Giants slugger, Pederson. He was banned from three games for “inappropriate conduct” and was also charged with a fine.

The incident occurred on Friday while both the teams were preparing for the match. In a video that has been circulating online, Pham could be seen walking up to Joc and slapping him across the face.

Pederson spoke briefly about his encounter with Pham after the Reds won 5-1. According to Pederson, the incident was raised after Pham accused him of cheating in the league. Pederson claimed that it was the first time that Pham ran into him and the two did not even get into an argument before the altercation occurred.

Giants head coach, Gabe Kapler also refused to make any comment on the altercation that occurred between Pham and Pederson. Pham has already missed Friday night’s game and he also has to miss the next two matches against the Giants. Watch the video of the incident below!

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Sanchari Ghosh

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