Ne-Yo is an R&B tycoon, best known for his blockbuster songs “Let Me Love You” and “One in a Million,” both of which have had over 150 million views. Ne-Yo’s followers enjoyed his songs because of their romantic elements. The music legend isn’t great at securing partnerships through direct messages.

It’s all about hooking up in the DMs, or so they claim, but it’s not all about that. If you can receive a response, direct messages on social media platforms have inspired beneficial collaborations. Artists frequently contact one another in the hopes of creating the next big hit, and while many large mainstream artists avoid doing so, Ne-Yo wasn’t above reaching out to Jennifer Lopez.

In an interview with E! News for Down in the DMs, the music icon revealed that he reached out to Lopez in the hopes of working together on his next big hit. Given that the two were both judges on World of Dance, this wasn’t out of the realm of possibility. Ne-Yo was however ghosted by J-Lo.

I did DM J.Lo at one point about a song that I was trying to write for her. I DMed her in the moment because she wasn’t right in my face and I didn’t have her phone number at the time, so I was like, ‘Alright, we’ll see if she’ll respond here.’ She didn’t, which is fine, that’s fine. She’s really busy. It’s not like we’re friends or anything. It’s not like we did a whole TV show together or anything. It’s fine. It’s totally fine.

It’s not like they are good friends or anything, so it’s totally cool with him. Ne-Yo, on the other hand, apologized to Chlöe after confessing that she contacted him and it took him a minute to respond. Check out Ne-Yo explaining his DMs stories in the video below.

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