The Rock was one of WWE’s top draws before coming into Hollywood. Dwayne Johnson had a fair amount of backstage difficulties with other top stars throughout his meteoric rise as a pro wrestling icon. Several people have mentioned a locker room fight between The Rock and Ahmed Johnson throughout the years, including Bruce Prichard, D’Lo Brown, and others.

Ahmed Johnson confirmed the fight in a recent interview with Gregory Iron of Iron-On Wrestling. He said that it happened in late 1997, at the peak of his on-screen rivalry with The Rock & Nation of Domination.

“Yeah, we had an altercation. He was basically running his mouth when he shouldn’t have been running it.”

Johnson went into depth about the brawl in an earlier shoot interview with High Spots. According to Johnson, Rock was saying things that he believed should not be said to anyone. But Rock was being arrogant and so they did have a little altercation.

“He was saying some stuff and it wasn’t about me, but he was saying things that I don’t think he should have been saying about anybody… I didn’t like the fact that he was getting a little cocky. We had a match coming up, matter of fact, that same night. We were calling the match and I was willing to do his high spots but he wasn’t willing to do all mine … Then I got to the point where I said, ‘Well, look, when we get in the ring, we can just get it on in the ring, we can settle it in the ring.’ And then we got into a little altercation there.”

When asked how long the altercation lasted, Ahmed Johnson responded, “Yeah, a few blows were thrown.” However, last year, on his “Something to Wrestle” podcast, Bruce Prichard gave a completely different version of the brawl, claiming that Johnson was the one who started it.

Prichard claimed that Johnson was grumbling about something, and The Rock said, “If you want to go, let’s go.” Prichard said that Ahmed eventually backed down but “nobody was stopping anybody” in the fight. He also stated that he was present during an altercation between D’Lo Brown and Ahmed Johnson, which Johnson “regretted” being a part of because Brown was “a tough son of a bitch.”

Ahmed Johnson elaborated on his on-screen rivalry with The Rock, claiming that he was supposed to be the new leader of The Nation of Domination when he was injured in June 1997. Johnson’s injury created a vacancy in the stable, which was filled by The Rock.

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