Elon Musk is on his way to becoming the new boss of Twitter once his deal to buy the social media giant is completed. However, Musk has recently mocked the company with a caustic caricature posted on the social networking platform and it’s going viral.

Musk posted a caricature of himself on April 28th, an image of him releasing a bird from a cage that matched the iconic blue Twitter logo. He did so in reaction to reports that one of the site’s investors is suing Musk over the deal’s handling.

Elon Musk has no hesitation to express his desire to restore “free speech” to the site, which he hopes to do by lifting the permanent ban on former US President Donald Trump. However, Musk’s shared cartoon is going viral, prompting a slew of responses.

Musk was then criticized for sharing the image while removing the creator’s credit and signature. RebelPepper, a Chinese cartoonist, is the original creator of the artwork.

Rebel Pepper’s tweet which is translated from Chinese:

“I found out that there are idiots who do this kind of thing. I have to erase my signature and send a picture. No matter Chinese or foreigners, those who do this kind of thing are idiots.”

Twitter users were disappointed and asked Musk to use the signed work and give credits to the original creator. “The original author is here, please use the signed work.” one user tweeted, who brought it into the thread.

Musk had a $44 billion offer accepted for the site a while ago, but the deal halted last week after information about fake accounts on the site surfaced. According to research, less than 5% of the members on the social media site are spam or have false identities.

Last week, Musk said the Twitter deal was “temporarily on hold” pending “details supporting calculation that spam / fake accounts do indeed represent less than 5% of users.” The company’s worth dropped by roughly 11% as a result of the confession.

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