Andy Dick made headlines recently, but for all the wrong the reasons. Earlier this month, Andy found himself behind bars after getting arrested for felony sexual battery. It appears that the comedian won’t be charged after his arrest.

Andy Dick will not appear in court after being arrested for felony sexual assault. He won’t be charged because the claimed victim has refused to cooperate with authorities. Fox News reported a spokesperson for the Orange County Sheriff’s statement.

At this point, the victim is not cooperating with the investigation. So that obviously makes it difficult to continue to investigate the case. If, at any time, the victim does decide that they would like to cooperate, then we would be happy to resume the investigation. But without that individual cooperation, there’s not much to go on.

The sheriff went on to say that the matter was referred to prosecutors, who declined to seek charges due to a lack of evidence and returned it to the sheriff’s office. The comedian was arrested on May 11 after police got a call from a campsite facility in California’s O’Neill Regional Park, believing the call came from the claimed sexual assault victim, an adult male.

A man named “JJ” accused Dick of molesting him in his sleep, according to a YouTube channel called “Captain Content RV,” which documented the arrest and events leading up to it. Dick secured bail two days after his arrest and announced his release on social media by posting footage on his Instagram Stories from what looked to be a hotel room.

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