Keenya Young aka “Ms. Yung 305,” is quite possibly as popular as Yung Miami’s “twin” mother. Young has Instagram thinking she’s attempting to hook up with her daughter’s Quality Control labelmate Lil Baby. She recently shut down those claims saying it’s just a case of misinterpreted emoji motives.

As he prepares for the release of new songs, Lil Baby took to Instagram and posted a photo of himself. Following the shot, the celebrity rapper has been the focus of various rumors, with Yung Miami’s mother posting heart-eye emojis beneath it.

The emojis were widely misinterpreted as Yung Miami’s mother, Keenya Young, shooting her shot at the rapper. Young, on the other hand, rushed to Instagram to clear up any misinterpretations of the message. Young stated on her Instagram Stories that she would never disrespect Baby.

No I am not feeling Lil Baby. I will never disrespect him like that or QC my daughter is part of that label what the f-ck I look like? I don’t play that period! A heart-eye emoji for me is just a like I put under everybody picture! I’m sorry if that’s how you see it or took it.

The proud mother is recognized for her unwavering support for her daughter’s rap career. She is also the CEO of a children’s apparel company and a cosmetics line. So, if she really wanted a date, she’d just pull up like a boss. Check out the post below.

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