WWE is a very demanding career, no matter where you’re working in the company. That also means other projects might have to go on the backburner, or even get the chop completely.

WWE Hall of Famer D-Von Dudley is a former tag team champion, whose 25 major title reigns with his partner, Bubba Ray, spanned nations and promotions. Dudley had been out of work since February after undergoing spinal fusion surgery. He had been a producer on WWE’s main roster events since 2016.

Dudley recently said that his podcast, “Table Talk,” will be ending for the time being. The most recent episode was billed as the show’s end. The panel stated their reasoning, which mostly revolved around schedule conflicts.

C0-host Mo Lightning did leave the door open for the show to return, referring to the situation as a “break” and a “hiatus.” Dudley’s return to WWE is one of the reasons the “Table Talk” crew’s scheduling is becoming more problematic. He revealed on June 15 that he would be reporting to NXT as a coach.

At WWE’s Performance Center in Orlando, FL, Dudley will be joined by Matt Bloom, Fit Finlay, Steve Corino, Terry Taylor, and Shawn Michaels. Dudley previously claimed after the surgery that while he can run, jump, and play hoops, he will never be able to wrestle again.

I was told I could not wrestle anymore because if I do I could do more damage to my back. I would have to have surgery again on the upper part. That’s OK I didn’t have plans on going back in there anyway. Thank you for all the well wishes and love. God is a great all the time. Amen and testify.

In 2020, the famed tag team wrestler suffered a stroke. Dudley indicated on a recent episode of Table Talk that he will be coming to WWE soon, but he didn’t specify that it would be as an NXT coach. Check out the podcast episode below.

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