Tank Davis jumped the gun a bit when it comes to putting his hands on Roland Romero. The undefeated fighter pushed Rolly off the stage just after they faced each other before a highly anticipated boxing match which sparked a fight between the fighters and their camps.

TMZ Sports was there outside Barclays Center in Brooklyn when the incident took place. This was supposed to be weigh-ins before the final face-off for the boxers in NYC.

Rolly, who is26, after being pushed by Davis, took half a step forward and flexed his right hand appearing to come close to 27-year-old Tank’s head. This was not taken lightly by Gervonta and he gave a one-armed push to the back of Romero, which forced him to jump down from the stage.

Rolly immediately wanted revenge and went for Davis, however, he was held back by the people on stage. Leonard Ellerbe, CEO of Mayweather Promotions, was also present amidst the brawl and helped in keeping the fighters away from each other.

In the end, everything was sorted out and peace was restored, luckily nobody got injured. The cops didn’t cart anyone away either, so it could have always been worse.

This was not a surprise that the men tried to hurt each other. The two share a lot of bad blood between them. Both of them clearly don’t like each other. However, their match was not canceled and both the fighters can take out their anger on each other as their match will begin in about 30 hours.

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