The horrific school shooting tragedy has created a stir in society. Despite the tragedy, the National Rifle Association rally concert was still set for May 28th. Now the show is cancelled because nobody would play it.

The NRA’s fundraiser concert in Texas has been canceled, with acts bailing out at an alarming rate. The sole remaining act for the NRA performance in Houston, which was slated for the organization’s annual convention, was country music star Jacob Bryant. He confirmed on Friday that he actually pulled out on the previous day.

Jacob made the decision public on Twitter after social media pressure to join the ranks of other musicians who have withdrawn in the aftermath of this week’s devastating mass shooting at a Texas primary school. The first domino fell when “American Pie” singer Don McLean opted not to appear on the NRA stage the day after the Uvalde school shooting, which claimed the lives of 19 kids and two teachers. It would be “insulting,” according to Don, to perform.

On Thursday, Larry Gatlin, the singer of “Broken Lady,” backed out, stating he couldn’t play at an NRA event in good conscience since he respects the 2nd Amendment, but wants background checks for gun purchases.

After T. Graham Brown, Lee Greenwood, and Larry Stewart followed suit, Jacob was the last guy standing. It appears that the hammer fell on Thursday, but the NRA has yet to issue an official statement.

The killing in Uvalde occurred about 280 miles from the National Rifle Association’s conference, which is currently the target of widespread demonstrations. This terrible occurrence has made parents concerned for their children. What are your thoughts on the incident? Stay tuned to Thirsty for more information.

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Muskan Sharma

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