Cardi B worked hard to earn a name as one of the top female rappers in the industry. However, she has become the latest celebrity to speak out regarding the attack at a Texas elementary school which took place a few days ago.

The mother of two took to Twitter and expressed her thoughts regarding the tragedy. According to her, political parties or social media politicians should not be pushing agendas but rather show love and sympathy to the families of the victims.

“These mass shooting events are not the time for political parties or you ‘social media politicians’ to be pushing agendas. People have died! Y’all don’t care or have any consideration for what these families are going [through] or how they feel or what they want. Think [before you] speak.”

Cardi made it very clear in a subsequent post that she “doesn’t give a f*ck about liberal, conservative, republican, [or] democrats RIGHT NOW!” Instead, she’s devoting her time and energy to spreading love, healing, and empathy to those who have been affected by the tragedy, which took the lives of 19 kids and two teachers.

Of course, as a superstar with such influence, the rapper’s remarks were certain to offend some people, for which she quickly apologized. In another tweet, she stated, “All mass shootings [are] a senseless act of violence due [to] the easy access of guns.”

“I would never want to stop the conversation pushing for gun reform, I want it [too], but comparing trauma because [of] political views should not matter right now. Sorry to those who felt offended or hurt.”

This isn’t the first time the Invasion of Privacy rapper expressed dissatisfaction on her celebrity platform in recent months. She and Billie Eilish had to clarify rivalry rumors following the Met Gala when internet sleuths scrutinizing a video from a party attempted to stir up some controversy. Keep an eye on Thirsty for more updates. 

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