Florida Rapper OhTrapstar shared a famous connection to one of Hip-Hop’s top stars, Gucci Gang’s Lil Pump. Pump suffered terrible loss last month when his father passed away. According to reports, Pump’s cousin rapper was recently killed in a tragic accident.

According to WSVN, the 23-year-old upstart’s true name is Ernesto Enrique Carralero. He was in a car with two other individuals — a man and a woman. Their vehicle smashed into a Miami duplex and caught fire. AllHipHop reported a witness giving a statement.

It was a big hit. It was a big hit, and then, once we looked, we saw the fire, automatically, we called the cops. Me and my wife was sleeping. We looked out our window, and then we saw the car on fire, and we couldn’t tell if it hit the house. We automatically called the cops. Before we even looked, we called the cops.

According to the Miami Police Department, Bayle Pricilla Bucceri of Oklahoma and Candido Miguel Barroso-Nodarse of Florida were the other two people killed in the car. There were five people living in the house where the card slammed into. Two of them sustained minor injuries and were transported to the hospital for treatment.

The American Red Cross, which is now on exhibit, is supporting them in getting long-term but temporary accommodation. According to reports, the BMW toppled over, burst in flames, and landed on its roof while heading westbound on 82nd Street. Pump has not responded to the premature death yet. May all their souls rest in peace.

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