Kim Kardashian is one of the biggest TV personalities in the USA. She has subsequently amassed a lot of riches and has spent a lot of them on clothing. Much to people’s surprise, she revealed to have a storage filled with 30,000 of her garments.

In the recent episode of the Kardashians, Kim paid a visit to the gigantic space to take a look at some of her outfits over the years. The space was filled with clothing racks bursting with clothes. The rails were coordinated into dresses, jackets, and tops and featured pieces from Balenciaga and her ex-husband Kanye West’s line Yeezy.

The collection keeps on growing as we see hundreds of cardboard boxes stacked on top of each other and in rows with more clothes inside, reported US Magazine. Kim said: “I have thousands and thousands of clothes. I think I have like 30,000 pieces.” Tracy looked shocked, remarking: “I’ve never seen anything like this before.”

Despite of having such a huge collection of clothes, Kim admitted she was experiencing an identity crisis in terms of her sense of style. She also revealed that she has a sharp memory when it comes to her former outfits. Given her fashion sense and styling quotient, it’s hard to imagine she struggles with choosing dresses.

“I’m on this really fun journey of just trying to figure out what my new kind of fashion era is going to be,” she told the cameras. “I’m just hoping, honestly, to find a little bit of inspo today because I have so much stuff and I’ve had so many different fashion eras. I love seeing all this stuff. So I just want to see kind of where I’ve been and where I want to go”

Kanye West was a radical figure in helping Kim find her own sense of style. The SKIMS founder said that since her divorce from the rapper she has been “forced to figure it out on my own”. Since her ugly divorce from Ye, she has been constantly finding new ways to keep her fashion sense inspired.

A celeb of her stature is bound to have a huge collection of clothing items. Given she also runs a fashion brand in SKIMS, it’s more fitting that she holds onto every fashion trend. While 30000 might sound overwhelming for most of us, it’s very usual for her.

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