Whoopi Goldberg has been causing a ton of controversy on The View this year. Goldberg was suspended from the show in February after making insensitive comments about the holocaust. Just recently, the studio audience began to boo controversial guest Kellyanne Conway on ABC’s The View and host Whoopi Goldberg came to her defense.

Conway came on The View to promote her book memoir, Here’s the Deal, which she served as a senior adviser to former President Donald Trump from 2017 to 2020. During her speech, she expressed her disappointment with Trump’s loss in the 2020 race and made harsh statements about Vice President Joe Biden, drawing boos from the live crowd.

She added Trump “had all these accomplishments” and referred to Biden as “a guy who was stuck in the basement” in her remarks. In response, Goldberg admonished the audience, claiming that enabling guests to express themselves was in keeping with the show’s spirit.

Listen, this is The View. And she’s talking about her view and how she feels about things. Please don’t boo her.

Conway’s latest book, in which she chronicles her tenure in the Trump administration in great detail, has sparked a lot of discussion. She also conceded for the first time in the book that the former president would lose the 2020 presidential race. She also spoke about her rocky marriage to George Conway, who became one of Trump’s most outspoken conservative detractors. Check out the tweet below.

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