Norman Powell has excelled on the court as his consistent effort in each game has allowed him become a standout. This time, it wasn’t his game that made the news, but it was an unfortunate incident. Norman Powell was recently harassed by a white woman, which was captured on tape.

TMZ reported that Norman Powell was accosted by a rowdy woman who lambasted the Clippers star and told him he was “not American.” All while Norman was live-streaming the incident on social media. The situation became so serious that the woman was handcuffed and taken away by Las Vegas officers.

Norman, a 28-year-old former UCLA 2nd-round draught pick, was working out at a local gym when a stranger stormed through the door, claiming she’d been in a fight and needed assistance.

“She came here the first time and was saying she got in a fight. We told her to leave out the back. She left, she was gone for about 15, 20 minutes, came back, staying in the gym calling us un-American, saying we need to go back, calling us p***y, a whole bunch of s**t.”

Norman and his companions told the woman that the cops were on their way, but she called their bluff in error. Eventually, other cops arrived, and the woman, whose identity is presently unknown, was handcuffed.

Norman said the woman cried “I can’t breathe” while being forced against the squad car by officers. Powell informed officers that the woman was acting strangely.

“That is crazy to me, man. That s**t is not funny, man.”

“We was trying to get her to leave. And then she was trying to take her pants off and take a s**t or piss on the floor. And that’s when we pulled her out like, we can’t have that.”

It’s unknown whether that woman was detained, and if so, what charge she was facing. What you’re saying about this incident? For further updates stay tuned to Thirsty.

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Muskan Sharma

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